Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Feeling Awful

Coughing really loud my Nana heard and said”You shouldn't go to school, I've been hearing you cough all night long”.
“ Please Nana I really want to go to school” I replied while trying to not cough.

My Nana shook her head and went to get me some medicine. She went to the fridge and grabbed it. I heard footsteps and it was her, then I went and layed on the bed covering the blanket over me.

She walked towards me and threw the blanket away and shouted “Drink the medicine”  My Nana moved closer and got the spoon filled with medicine. I opened my mouth wide and drank it.

Slowly I swallowed it.....”YUK!” I shouted. It was so disgusting. I wonder if it will make me feel better......?

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