Friday, 1 November 2013

The accident

It was a windy and horrible night, tree branches banging against the window and Jake can’t not go to sleep. He could hear his dog making silly noises and it seems he couldn't handle the breeze outside.

Early in the morning Jake rolled out of his bed and checked in the dogs shed and he wasn't there. Jake went out in the woods searching for his dog with his bike. He was riding so fast  he tumbled over with his bike and he couldn't move. His legs were stuck between the hand bars.

“ Help help said Jake” he heard something coming towards his way and it was the dog. The dog saw he was on the ground and he went off back home and told dad. Few minutes later the dog and dad and the ambulance came running down the hill and they saw Jake on the ground. Kate softly dabbed a towel  on his foot and wrapped his foot with a  bandage.

“ Thanks to the dog for letting us know that Jake was in pain we wouldn't did this without you” said Dad. Jake was sitting on the chair and his little brother had to be his maid.

Few weeks later Jake’s ankle felt much better he told his dog to never run away liked that ever again the dog agreed.   

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  1. Hi Meleane
    that is a super cool story
    I like it very much


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