Monday, 4 November 2013

Strange Noises

It was five O'clock in the morning time to Shaun the sheep. Jake and his dad went out to the shed and sorted out where to put the sheep. Dad called the other helpers and got started shearing the sheep. One other sheep was acting a little strange.

Jake could hear some strange noises coming out  from the shed. He ran in looked if one of the sheep were in  trouble, all he can see was sheep waiting in line to get shaun. “ Im over hear ” the voice called out again, Jake was freaking out he ran back in the shed. “ Help help” Jake saw one of the sheep was lying on the ground, it didn’t look to good  Dad came out running from the shed, “ Its time for the poor sheep too set off ”. Jake was feeling bad he needed to know who was whispering.

“ Don’t take him take me” the voice cried out again, Jake went off running following where the noise was coming from. He looked to  his right and it was the sheep lying on the grass and still no one was there.

As the man came with the truck he took the sheep away. “ That was a good sheep  Goodbye” said Jake.

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