Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cant Wait For 2014

  Next year all year sixes will finally be in intermediate and we get to do more fun things. I'm looking forward to all new sports and harder work and meeting some new students and teachers. Hopefully that the senior block will be up graded and all the classrooms will look much better. The good thing that is some workers will be building new classes rooms  seventeen , sixteen, and eighteen. All senior classes will be having net books and even some year fours and fives.   CANT WAIT FOR 2014!!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Adding details to sentences

Walt: Add different sentence in the beginning, Middle, and end.

I was really glad that  Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence 

Mr Jacobsen who is a very kind guy he was  our coach on the confidence course and we did manage to finish all of the activities.

Peter was our instructor and I was nervous about sailing on camp.

I was nervous about sailing because I wasn’t listening to Peter  and I never sailed before.

On a sunny day with Branded we went abseiling.

We went up the steep hills and the green puffy bushes and went  abseiling with brenden.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Camp Bentzon

Camp Benzon on Kawau Island

Use these 2 sites to answer questions and present on your blog:

WALT: find information from several sites about our upcoming camp at Kawau Island.
Learn Create Share

1. Which cove or harbour is Camp Benzon  in? (clue - Find a map of the island) North cove

2. Copy an image of Kawau Island (a map)  showing the cove or harbour our camp is in.  

3. How many kilometres from the mainland is Kawau Island? (clue - Look at travel information) 8.45k

4. Where do you catch the ferry from (what town) to get to Kawau? (clue - Look at travel information) At the sand spit

5. List 6 activities you can do at camp. (clue - Look camp activities)
volleyball, orienteering, rock climbing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing.  

6. Find out (google) what a ‘burma trail’ is. (clue - search in google)  A Burm a trail is a rope trail through the bush and over obstacles.

7. Find images of 5 native birds common to Kawau island and label them.  (c    

8. How many kayaks are there? (clue - Look camp activities)

9. Look at the images in the photo gallary and copy in one picture you are excited about. Write a sentence to explain what you are excited about and why.  I will like to jump off the wharf because I had never jump off one before.

10. What is the main (most predominant) native tree on Kawau (clue - search in flora and fauna on the kawau site - flora means plants)  The predominant native trees on the island are the white flowering kanuka and the manuka.

Next week  we will be off to camp at Kawau Island for the year six camp. I am looking forward to camp because I want to do lots of activities like , volley ball, rock climbing, and kayaking.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Strange Noises

It was five O'clock in the morning time to Shaun the sheep. Jake and his dad went out to the shed and sorted out where to put the sheep. Dad called the other helpers and got started shearing the sheep. One other sheep was acting a little strange.

Jake could hear some strange noises coming out  from the shed. He ran in looked if one of the sheep were in  trouble, all he can see was sheep waiting in line to get shaun. “ Im over hear ” the voice called out again, Jake was freaking out he ran back in the shed. “ Help help” Jake saw one of the sheep was lying on the ground, it didn’t look to good  Dad came out running from the shed, “ Its time for the poor sheep too set off ”. Jake was feeling bad he needed to know who was whispering.

“ Don’t take him take me” the voice cried out again, Jake went off running following where the noise was coming from. He looked to  his right and it was the sheep lying on the grass and still no one was there.

As the man came with the truck he took the sheep away. “ That was a good sheep  Goodbye” said Jake.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The accident

It was a windy and horrible night, tree branches banging against the window and Jake can’t not go to sleep. He could hear his dog making silly noises and it seems he couldn't handle the breeze outside.

Early in the morning Jake rolled out of his bed and checked in the dogs shed and he wasn't there. Jake went out in the woods searching for his dog with his bike. He was riding so fast  he tumbled over with his bike and he couldn't move. His legs were stuck between the hand bars.

“ Help help said Jake” he heard something coming towards his way and it was the dog. The dog saw he was on the ground and he went off back home and told dad. Few minutes later the dog and dad and the ambulance came running down the hill and they saw Jake on the ground. Kate softly dabbed a towel  on his foot and wrapped his foot with a  bandage.

“ Thanks to the dog for letting us know that Jake was in pain we wouldn't did this without you” said Dad. Jake was sitting on the chair and his little brother had to be his maid.

Few weeks later Jake’s ankle felt much better he told his dog to never run away liked that ever again the dog agreed.