Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dairy Farmer

Here is a document about how great is being a Dairy farmer and not great being a farmer.

Freezing Night Ever

It was a freezing snowy cold winter day and all the cows were crowded to stay nice and warm. But one other cow went on wondering around trying to look for something to eat. This cow was called Tim, he didn’t know what was going on and he certainly did not know it  was cold.

Things got more out of hand so the farmer put all of the cows in the shed. Tim was left out in the icy cold breeze, and all the other cows were in the cozy warm shed. “ I knew I should've never wandered around I should've stayed with my mates, if I didn’t go off I wouldn’t be here in first of all” I said to myself.

Tim was feeling hesitated and she slowly went off to sleep. The farmer told the dog to double check if any cows were missing inside the shed. , The dog went on searching he notice number thirteen hundred and fifty was missing. He went outside and saw Tim was lying on the ground frozen. “ woof woof” said the dog The farmer came out running and he picked up Tim and laid him across the brown carpet. He turned on the heater and called the vet, but it cost lots and lots of money.

As soon as the vet arrived she put a special medicine in Tim’s mouth and Tim woke up. The farmer was so happy and Tim was thinking he would never do that ever again.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


This is a presentation I have created about Rousie and hope you enjoy it

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Big Day For Sheep

It was a wonderful sunny and cloudy  spring morning on October. Sally was just chilling out with her friends grazing  through the lovely green grass. Sally and her mates were enjoying the nice warm weather at Molesworth Station.

As Sally was still grazing through the grass she heard something that sounded really familiar. She turned to her right and saw there were the dogs on the four wheeler. Sally was so worried that what was going to happen to them now.

The ewes saw the dogs and they scattered along the grass and waited to see what was the huntaways and eye dogs were going to do to them.

Suddenly the dogs took them in a shed and all the sheep were crowded in a small space. Sally was Terrified, she didn’t know what was going on. She could still hear dogs barking and being noisy.

As Sally walked towards the door she was frightened what was going to happen to her. The shearer grabbed her and flipped her over on to the ground. Sally was trying to escape, and the shearer was shearing the wool off sally. She could hear her friend Chloe screaming and telling the other ewe’s to run.

Finally it was finished the ewe’s felt more better with all that fat hot wool on them.
Now all the ewe’s went off and played and enjoyed the lovely wearther