Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cross country

“Oh nooo cross country is on right now” I said to my friend “ I been waiting for ages until cross country was coming up and I'm sure that I have practice a lot since these past few weeks” I said excitedly . While sitting in line for the eleven year old girls turn to run the team captains were doing their team chants in front of everybody. “ Hey Jordenne  I bet  matatua is going to win this year because we have the fast people” I said “ Not even I reckon its going to be Tainui” said Jordenne.
It was finally the eleven year old girls turn to run, standing behind the line I could hardly wait until Mr Burt to say go. “GO GO” said My Burt, I quickly shot out like a rocket ship and I recognized I was coming second and my friend was coming first. While I was running there were huge puddles and lots of people were slipping.

Suddenly I was slowing down because I was puffed out and I was coming forth, when I heard the supporters from the sideline screaming  my name, So that's when I speeded  a little.

I was finally where Miss King was and off I went under the finish line and Mrs Flavelle told me I came forth place.

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